Led by experienced communication professional Jo Curkpatrick, Fingerpost Communication & Marketing works at the strategic level, providing advice and direction, and at the practical ‘hands-on’ level, making plans happen. Importantly, we provide high-quality service with integrity, at a fair price.

Fingerpost C&M works with clients to design and deliver communication and marketing solutions that are strategic, creative and innovative – and improve the bottom line.

We work hard to get to know and understand your organisation and your needs and focus on providing solutions customised to meet those needs.

Fingerpost C&M is about rolling up the sleeves and getting on with the job, efficiently and to the deadline.

Strategic communication to future-proof your business, engage your people, and support transition in a changing business environment is critical. Fingerpost helps organisations navigate the impact of changes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

“We help you keep your employees and stakeholders motivated and engaged through a transition, when jobs are being lost (and gained) and roles changing, and when effective communication is critical to success.

We deliver compelling communications, advice and mentoring to help your business get ahead of the curve to navigate the changes that are surely coming, if not already here.

We are results-oriented and passionate about delivering clear, workable solutions, working with you to produce outcomes that are ethical and business-focused.

What’s a Fingerpost?

A fingerpost (sometimes referred to as a guidepost) is a traditional type of signpost primarily used in the United Kingdom consisting of a post with one or more arms, known as fingers, pointing in the direction of travel to places named on the fingers. The posts have traditionally been made from cast iron or wood, with poles painted in black, white or grey and fingers with black letters on a white background. o

Jo’s dad could remember a fingerpost at the family farm’s front gate pointing the way for Cobb & Co coaches.